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Shipping & Returns

Delivery Times:
We ship customer orders through the Israel Postal Company, affiliated with all major global postal authorities. A regular registered airmail consignment generally arrives within 7-14 working days.
EMS deliveries, for an additional charge, generally arrive between 5-7 working days. According to Israel Postal regulations, orders by registered airmail may not exceed 2 kilograms in scale per parcel.
Likewise, EMS orders may not exceed 20 kilograms per parcel.
When an order exceeds its postal weight limit, we divide the order into more than one parcel. The customer may request another postal carrier, so long as the customer accept the more expensive charges of such carriers.

Return Policy:

After receiving a package and prior to opening it, check that the package is intact, the cardboard box unharmed, without stain marks or leaks.
In the event of discovering any of the noted signs, notify us immediately by email with a detailed description of the problem. Similarly, if upon opening a normal package and discovering a defective or damaged item(s), notify us immediately by email with a detailed description of the problem.
We will attend to the matter with all due urgency. We might require additional information from the customer, such as digital photographs of the product received, in order to evaluate the best method of action.
If we request the customer to return an item(s), either to satisfy a replacement of the order or a refund, return the order as-is in the container it was sent. If the package or item has not been opened, the customer's tampering with the defective product after describing the problem to us might affect the eligibility of replacing or refunding the order. All cases for replacements and/or refunds are treated on a case-by-case basis, with the company always striving for complete customer satisfaction.

All returns should be shipped to:

Please contact us for return address.

If the returning parcel has not arrived by the designated delivery time, inform us by email and we will do our utmost to inquire into the matter. The customer should ensure shipping the parcel with the correct postage and address. All returning orders must be shipped through USPS Priority Mail International, or its equivalent as the least expensive postal service for the country of the customer. We will absolutely not accept returning shipments that have been shipped through an express mail service, such as EMS, or through any kind of additionally charged expedited shipping. Such services greatly increase the customs price required by Israel. In the case that a customer nevertheless uses such an expedited/express service to return an item or order, we will not accept the shipment from the Israel Postal Company and wait for the parcel to return to the customer. The customer will bear responsibility for failing to follow instructed protocol, will not receive recompense for the failed delivery and must resend the parcel(s) in the correct shipping method to receive a replacement order or refund. Upon receiving the returning item(s) or order, being sent in the specified proper method, we will reimburse the customer for the shipping expenses in addition to the previously agreed replacement and/or refund. If the customer receives a damaged replacement or improper refund, please inform us by email and we will look into each case accordingly.


Any tax demanded for delivery charges, such as the customs duty demanded by the country of the customer's shipping address, exceeds our control and responsibility; the customer bears responsibility for any said potential tariffs or taxes.