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Dead Sea Premier Preventive Hair Loss Shampoo

Dead Sea Premier Preventive Hair Loss Shampoo




The Dead Sea Premier Preventive care Anti Hair Loss Shampoo is a formula consisting of root acids, honeydew and Dead Sea minerals combined with a secret mixture with act in 4 ways: 1) It Neutralizes the sodium on the hair roots. 2) It Activates the oil gland. 3) It feeds the hair roots with oxygen, carotene and pigments. 4) The Exploitation of the hygroscopic property of the hair root and the infusion of the elements of which the hair composes: carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and sulfur, into the cells of the matrix. As a result it helps to strengthen and improvement of the structure of the hair , and balance the scalp, to achieve an abundant, strong and healthy look.

Application : Wet the hair, whip it up, rinse after 1-2 minutes. Can be repeated if necessary and could be used daily.

Size: 200 ml 6.76 fl.oz