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Dead Sea Premier Pearl White Cream Complex

Dead Sea Premier Pearl White Cream Complex




An exceptionally multi-protective gentle pearl powder mixed in a secret process formula with effective secret whitening Herbs, Liposome complex, Dunaliella Seaweed, Beta-carotene, UVA & UVB sun filter protection. It speeds melanin suppression, moisturizes and refreshes sun stressed skin. It helps lighter skin emerge as skin translucence is restored. When over exposed to sunlight, the skin defends itself by producing more melanin, a dark pigment. Cell renewal is disrupted and dark pigment builds up in small freckles and uneven sunspots trapped on the skin's surface. Our secret formula helps restrain excess production of melanin. Gradually freckles and sunspots fade and lighter skin emerges as skin recovery proceeds. The product contains the cream in the jar and an oily mineral bar in the cap.
Size: 60 ml / 2.02 oz