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Andrea Milano Triple Action Eye Serum

Andrea Milano Triple Action Eye Serum




Andreaq Milano Triple Action Eye Serum combats and minimizes the signs of aging. Visibly smoothes and renews skin, restoring its youthful look and vitality, significantly reduced wrinkles, with a visible improvement in the appearance of dark circles, bags and puffiness.

Renovage® is a patented scientific breakthrough: Comprehensive anti-aging & stress protector that focuses in the biological clock of skin cells and stabilizes the shortening of the telomeres (the DNA chromosomes tail that shortens with every cell division till it's end - then the cell dies). Renovage® fights against at least 7 different signs of skin aging: dehydration, age spots, sagging, pigmentation, caprose, erythrosis and wrinkles, so skin maintain long term youthful substance, firmness and radiance.

Haloxyl® reduces dark circles under the eye region, reinforce firmness and tone by activating the elimination of blood originated pigments responsible for eye area dark circle color and local inflammation.

Eyeliss® based on advanced peptide technology that dramatically reduces the appearance of chronic bags and puffiness under the eyes. Refreshes and restores the youthful appearance of eyes.

For All skin types